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It is not known who first drew the pattern – although the Caughley factory is often credited with producing it in 1780, where a young Thomas Minton was apprenticed as an engraver.

All the major English factories produced Willow Pattern – and went on to do so for decades – most notably Worcester and Minton but also, among others, Spode, Adams and Wedgwood.

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Solid Black Jasper was produced between 1778 and about 1826; the white body dipped in black between 17 with production resumed in 1844 and continuing to the moderm era.

There are also some interesting pieces around that are marked with USA Patent dates and details.

The impressed letters first appeared in 1860 with the year letter ‘O’.

Therefore, dating Japanese wares from the 20th Century is more attributed to different time periods.

Circa 1921 – 1953 There are other miscellaneous foreign countries that were makers of Blue Willow.

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